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Happy Tuesday! Hopefully everyone enjoyed last night’s cake decorating competition, and hats off to team six with the winning cake. Earlier today I came across this really cool article from treehugger that talks about not using a fridge (!) and instead using alternative means to store food. At first I’ll admit I was skeptical, but then as I read I felt more inspired (and it is hard to ignore the economical benefits, being a student on a increasingly small budget).  

Check out the article here, and don’t hesitate to comment below. Would you ever go fridgeless? 


In other news….

Would you take this Eco-friendly cruise on the Amazon? Aqua Expeditions is Eco-tourism at its finest and takes full responsibility for wast management, water purification, fuel efficiency, engine emissions and food security. Aqua Expeditions also works with Díaz Alván, a biologist who specializes both in working with communities in protected areas, as well as in the study of Amazon birds. He manages relationship-building between Aqua Expeditions and the local riverside communities, and also works with the leadership of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and other institutions related to tourism and environmental conservation in Amazonia. 


….. or would you rather stay in a Yurt?



Have an amazing day!


Comments on: "TipsTuesday: Could you live without a fridge?" (2)

  1. WOW the first picture is so cool!

  2. emilyy said:

    Yurts = awesomeness times infinity 😀

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