Wilfrid Laurier's Green Team

In honour of TipsTuesday, here are some green resolutions that are easy to keep all year long.

1. Recycle Recycle Recycle! Reuse old items and find new uses for things instead of just throwing them away.Buy vintage!

2. Use less water. Invest in a ShowerCoach, turn off the water while you lather your hands and you don’t acutally need to run water just so you can pee.

3. Be more active and use public transportation or walk.

4. Flirt with veganism or try Meatless Monday

5. Use less electricity, celebrate Earth Hour, utilize natural light during the day.

6. Take the stairs.

7. Only treat yourself to a coffee/tea/hot drink if you bring a reusable mug.

8. Pack a lunch!

9. Bring containers and bags instead of using packaging if you are buying baked goods and groceries.

10. Hold a potluck with friends instead of going out for dinner.

11. Don’t litter and don’t let your friends litter either.

12. Get your ink cartridges refilled instead of buying new ones each time.

Rock Climber, Peak District by Nick Brown



Comments on: "TipsTuesday: 12 Green Resolutions you can keep!" (2)

  1. daria said:

    These resolutions are fantastic! I like the one about “flirting” with veganism, because i’ve been doing that myself. But all of these seem attainable and easy. Love this post

  2. Peaceful soldier said:

    i want to go rock climbingggggg

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