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As previously mentioned, there are many health and environmental benefits being vegetarian/vegan. Next time you feel like going out for a bite to eat, check out these places in Waterloo that cater to vegetarian and vegan needs.

Duke Street Muse -6 Duke Street East

Cafe Pyrus-16 Charles Street

Lotus Tea House-79 Regina Street North

Queen Street Commons- 43 Queen Street South

Jane Bond-5 Princess Street West

Thrive Juice Bar– 105-191 King Street South

Or if you are ever in Toronto, the vegan restaurant Fresh has an incredible selection of juice and tasty menu options. Have a great day, and enjoy the infographic below!


Comments on: "TipsTuesday: Vegetarian and Vegan Options in Waterloo" (3)

  1. Nicole said:

    Also check out Healthy Foods and More on Bridgeport across from the sobeys/zellers plaza. They have general alternatives (ie. vegan icecreams, muffins, soups, etc. – all organic too) and they also have hot foods for on the go, and ready made deserts like vegan brownies, cheese cake, and cookies. They also cater events, so for example for my friends birthday last year we ordered gluten free/vegan pizza, a pasta and some other apps and deserts and they make it and sell it just at regular price to you.

  2. Nicole said:

    My words of wisdom for this topic:
    I think it is important to remember that, especially when you start, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. It’s okay to just dip your toes into the water and see what works for you.

    It is important to do the research and find balance – just because you go vegan, if all you are eating is french fries and white bagels, you will not find balance doing this life style.

    And for people who are vegan/ flirting with veganism: a good thing to remember – if you go vegan and then eat a piece of cheese or whatever – get over it, don’t hate on yourself for it, just move on and get back on the horse and try again. It is a journy, not a destination!

    Also here are links to some great sites:






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