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Today is the last day of the Moksha Yoga Giveaway ! Leave as many comments on the blog as you want and a winner will be declared on tomorrow’s blog post. Here are ten benefits of hot yoga, and ten more reasons to keep commenting to win!

1. Hot yoga increases your vitality

2. Hot yoga is linked to weight loss

3. Hot yoga is a great form of detoxification

4. Hot yoga increases mental clarity

5. Hot yoga reduces mental stress

6. Hot yoga increases flexibility

7. Hot yoga increases strenght

8.Hot yoga helps your breathing

9. Hot yoga improves your cardiovascular conditioning

10. Hot yoga has been proven to bring you inner peace ☮


Comments on: "WorldWide Wednesday: LAST DAY OF MOKSHA YOGA GIVEAWAY" (5)

  1. daria said:


  2. I love the message 🙂 really positive

  3. Nicole said:

    Agreed!! I love how holistic hot yoga is too.

  4. my roommate was just telling me yesterday how her prof had throat surgery earlier on in the year and was told that she was not going to be able to drive because of her neck or be able to do really any neck movements… i guess she was an avid hot-yoga go-er and after her surgery she started again and she said she was able to drive within a couple weeks & be able to do all these neck movements that weren’t expected to be done until months later… proves how awesome yoga can be for you!

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