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Today’s article will may you think twice about the impact one person makes on the environment through the harmful products we consume. Using data collected over the past three years from thousands of toxic hotspots, the The World’s Worst Toxic Pollution Problems 2011 Report identifies the top ten toxic pollution threats, and for the first time, calculates their health impacts. Released by the Blacksmith Institute in collaboration with Green Cross Switzerland, the report reveals the most targeted picture of pollution’s toll to date. Research and documentation of this scale has never been done before, and the crucial information gathered in the report will help to prioritize life-saving cleanup efforts.

There are fact sheets available on the following industries and their dangerous effects on the environment.


Comments on: "Worldwide Wednesday: Worst Polluted Problems Report" (6)

  1. Nicole said:

    That is really sad. It is hard to believe companies justify that it is okay to make workers work in these types of harmful envirnonments.

  2. daria said:

    I agree with Nicole,this is just so sad.

  3. Miranda Priestman said:

    This certainly reminds and inspires me to keep in check my lifestyle habits. It is so powerful to see the impacts our lifestyle has on other people all over the world. Did you know both the Canadian and American government ships waste to third world countries? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates it’s up to 10 times cheaper to export e-waste than to dispose of it domestically.

  4. Didn’t know there’re so much going on in the world.
    A very interesting article on pollution! Didn’t know it affecting that much people in reality.

  5. Emilyy said:

    Thanks so much for posting this… I saw a documentary of factory workers in Tijuana who suffer from ailments such as kidney problems and lead poisoning, and had skin problems similar to those in the picture above.

  6. I totally agree with Miranda… reading about things like this makes me analyse my own lifestyle habits to make sure they do not have impacts such as these.
    I worked with hazardous waste over the past two summers and i think people don’t realize what happens with the chemical products they buy and how bad they are for the environment… while these examples are all terrible there are also local issues such as contamination in kitchener from past industries

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