Wilfrid Laurier's Green Team


First of all, the EcoHawks have decided to extend their Moksha Yoga giveaway to the end of November! So keep commenting on the blog to win!! Seriously, just comment and you can win!


Secondly, join the EcoHawks for an exciting guest speaker opportunity this coming Wednesday, November 23rd from 7-10pm in DAWB 2-104. Wilfrid Laurier University’s own Dr. Riemer will be leading a stimulating discussion on the environmental impact on society, specifically impact on the Waterloo community. Expect an interesting night of learning and interaction. Snacks and refreshments will be provided!


Comments on: "ThirstyThursdays: Moksha Yoga + Speaker Night with Dr. Manuel Riemer" (4)

  1. Miranda Priestman said:

    Moksha yoga is such a good work out. I’m so glad Ecohawks is extending it.

  2. Nicole said:

    Very exciting, great idea ecohawks!!

  3. janice chung said:

    Love that picture! 🙂

  4. i think its good to learn about impacts on our local community, wish i could of made it!

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