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MATT AND NAT is an amazing and sustainable CANADIAN bag and accessories line. The handbag collection is also 100% free of animal by-products and all linings of their bags and wallets are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles (on average they recycle 21 water bottles to make the lining of each bag).

Recently they also introduced cork labeling inside all of our bags, an innovative material in the fashion industry that is sustainable to the environment. Cork extraction is one of the most environmentally friendly harvesting processes in the world. BONUS: They also donate their amazing bags to women’s shelters around Montreal.

P.S. Free People also has a line of Vegan Leather, enjoy!


Comments on: "WorldWide Wednesday: MATT AND NATT" (5)

  1. Nicole said:

    As a vegan, this makes me really excited. It is so important to buy sustainably and even better when it’s cruelty free.

  2. I think one of the best aspects is that they donate their products to women shelters because while products that are sustainable such as these are awesome they often aren’t affordable to everyone and distributing them for free allows for more people to use sustainable products which i think is great!

  3. janice chung said:

    Donating it to people who need it is a fantastic opportunity to help others at the same time promotes living green to people!

  4. kaitpoetry said:

    I knew cork was AWESOME

  5. Emilyy said:

    I want one!!!

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