Wilfrid Laurier's Green Team

1. Make your own wrapping paper

Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable and ends up in landfills. Instead, here’s a great chance to get creative! Wrap presents with old maps, the comics section ofa newspaper, or children’s artwork. Or use a scarf, attractive dish towel, bandana, or some other useful cloth item. If every family wrapped just three gifts this way, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.

2. Recycle your Christmas Tree

Ninety-eight percent of Christmas trees were grown on farms, not in forests, so at least it’s not as if you’re cutting down an ancient tree. Each year, 10 million Christmas trees end up in the landfill. While your tree won’t fit in the recycling bin with your newspapers and bottles, you can recycle your tree: many cities offer programs to turn your tree to mulch or wood chips.

3. Reduce Store-bought Items

Reduce the amount of store bought items you give out this year and reduce the amount of packaging waste by: giving gift certificates, favours, nights on the town, re-gifting, making homemade gifts, and donations in a friend or family member’s name.

4. Eco-friendly Gifts

Inhabitat’s Green Gift Guide offers over two hundred green gift ideas for every recipient on your list. Giving friends and loved ones responsibly crafted, sustainably designed presents will help perpetuate green living.

5. Donate

Donate all unwanted gifts to charitable organizations and non-perishable food items to food banks.


Comments on: "TipsTuesday: Green Holiday Gift Tips" (4)

  1. Emilyy said:

    Such good tips! I always wrap my gifts in recycled newspaper

  2. I was gonna say the same thing as Emily! It’s so much fun getting creative with reusable wrappings rather than using the same old store bought stuff…

    and heeeey! I heard EcoHawks are doing free gift wrapping at GREENSTORE 🙂 !!!!

  3. Nicole said:

    Free trade is also a great option for the holidays. There are a few stores in Waterloo that promote sustainable/ ethical products like ten Thousand Villages, eating Well Organically and Healthy Foods and More. Soy candles – amazing!!

  4. i thought these would be a cool gift idea for people with iPhones or iPods that could be easily made out of leftover or reused fabric!

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