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In today’s news Federal and provincial programs to cut greenhouse gas emissions won’t even get Canada half of the way toward meeting the reduction targets that have been set for 2020. To read the full article from the Toronto Star, click here.

The National Geographic Society has been around for over a century now, and is only getting better with age. If you haven’t already checked out National Geographic’s amazing website, please do so, NOW. National Geographic brings you incredible and comprehensive news stories as well as photography from around the world on topics like the environment, animals, travel and adventure. Here are the top headlines this week:

The photo above is the overall winning picture, entitled “Homeless” by Chan Kwok Hung, showing two children in a scrapyard in Nepal.

National Geographic also has a Green Guide, featuring articles on how to improve your sustainability in your home, transportation methods, buying food and more. Check out the Green Guide Quizzes to see if you are up on your green facts!


Comments on: "Worldwide Wednesday: News and Top Nation Geographic Headlines" (6)

  1. ilovetheenvironment said:

    so beautiful. so powerful! thanks!

  2. National Geographic is just too cool!

  3. Nicole said:

    That is an amazing picture. Terrifying and thought-provoking. It is so important for our generation to understand what is going on to our world and within our world.

  4. I think part of the problem with the inability to meet the reduction of Carbon goals that the first article mentions, is the enormous amount of other programs and policies that money must be distributed between. Often the environment gets put in a less important category and economics (especially in the conservative government) becomes the most important issue. But what people don’t realize is without a healthy environment the rest of economics and society will not be able to function.

  5. also the shark fin picture is so sad. Especially how they don’t even use the rest of the body they just cut the fin off.

  6. I just realized that I posted the Green Guide Quiz link to my environmental study class discussion page too. But unfortunately, no one commented on it.
    But I think that this is a great page for people to understand what’s going on in the world. And species and environment are affected by it.

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