Wilfrid Laurier's Green Team

As the temperature is dropping, so is your desire to go outside. However, here are some awesome ideas for fun and Eco-friendly things to do to beat the cold.

1. Go Ice Skating

Go to your local ice rink and spend an afternoon skating with some friends. Afterwards treat yourself to hot chocolate or tea.

2. GO Skiing or Snowboarding

Check out this incredible guide to sustainable skiing and snowboarding. How to Go Green: Skiing & Snowboarding

3. Do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

If you want to get the perfect present, but can’t afford to get one for all of your friends, draw names out of a hat and do a secret gift exchange. This way you are saving your money, using less resources and buying one perfect gift. Challenge: Homemade secret Santa gifts!

4. Send Holiday Ecards

Skip the paper and go electronic! Check out Blue Mountain Holiday Ecards for a greener way to spread holiday love.

5. Do Hot Yoga

There is not better way deal with a freezing cold day than to relax and do hot yoga for an hour. Hot Yoga has many health benefits and also is a great way to unwind during stressful exams. For more information, check out Moksha Yoga  -they have great introductory specials and student discounts.


Comments on: "TipsTuesday: Cold Weather Activities" (4)

  1. Daria said:

    This guide to green skiing and snowboarding is so cool. 🙂

  2. Miranda Priestman said:

    love hot yoga… love this entry and ecohawks.

  3. 6. tobogganing!

  4. Didn’t know there were so much to do during winter! Great tips!

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