Wilfrid Laurier's Green Team

This week the EcoHawks had an incredibly successful bake sale fundraiser for our Earth Hour event next semester. We raised OVER $300! Thank you so much to everyone that came out and that purchased some of our delicious treats.  ALSO don’t forget that our Lug-A-Mug event is coming up, STARTING ON HALLOWEEN! Stay tuned for more information.

Also in the next week we have a really exciting giveaway planned! Details will be available next Tuesday so check back then!


For all our general members, we have recently implemented a challenge to further promote the EcoHawks on campus and encourage more sustainable habits and practices. Here is the list so far

  • Post photo of a group member with an exec at an EcoHawks event = 4 Points
  • Volunteering for an extra hour at an EcoHawks event = 2 Points
  • Seen on campus by an exec using a renewable bottle/mug = 2 Points
  • Purchasing food from WLU Market =  2 Points
  • At least 2 members from group participate in organized clean-up = 20 Points
  • Attend an EcoHawks social = (varies)
  • Bring an EcoNews article to a meeting = 5 Points
  • Planting a tree = 20 Points
  • Group photo an en EcoHawks event = 8 Points
  • Group photo at another club/services event = 16 Points
  • A group member brings in a photo of them in their EcoHawks shirt in their hometown = 8 Points
  • Post photo of group in creative place = 5 Points
  • Show-and-tell a fair trade item at a meeting = 5 Points
  • Posting EcoNews to facebook page = 2 Points
  • Post a video about something ecofriendly on out facebook page = 4 Points
  • Present at general members meeting = 10 Points
  • Posting Eco-tips to go on our blog = 4 Points

Bake for Ecohawks bake sale October 17th and 18th = 5 Points
Pot photo of at least 3 members of your group carving a pumpkin = 10 Points
Promote our blog in your facebook status = 1 Point

Have a safe and sustainable weekend!



Comments on: "Thirsty Thursdays: Bake Sale Recap and Whats Up" (3)

  1. Emilyy said:

    My eco-tip for today is to sell or donate some of your used clothes to value village or that thrift store on bridgeport! While you’re there, pick up a pre-loved halloween costume 🙂 It’s cheaper, more sustainable, and wayyyy cooler !

  2. That is a great tip!! You can also trade your last year costume with a friend, or a family memeber for their previously used costume that way you consume less and don’t spend extra money!!

  3. the picture is really eye opening, i don’t think people actually realize how much space we dedicate to cars… all the roads and parkinglots, highways and driveways add up to so much. Also buying clothes from places like value village you can find some awesome & unique stuff 2nd hand that puts more value into the item itself

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