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Halloween is upon us! Whether your plans for October 31st  involve dressing up and hitting the town, or staying in and feasting on scary movies and candy, you might be interested to know how you can also help the environment. Here are some tips to make your Halloween more Eco-friendly  that won’t break the bank or take up too much time.

1. Keep it simple. Choose candy that has minimal packaging, Bulk Barn sells delicious Halloween candy in bulk!

2. Choose a greener costume. Skip expensive and tacky costumes made of cheap dyes and synthetic fibres such as soft vinyl and polyvinyl chloride (which is similar to shower curtain material). They are in many mass-produced costumes and release dangerous chemicals as well as harmful emissions into the environment and they can’t be recycled. If you havn’t picked a costume yet, check out 25 Unforgettable Homemade Halloween Costumes Made from Recycled Materials.

3. Eat and decorate locally. Use pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, and corn husks (found from local farms). When you are finished carving, roast your pumpkin seeds using salt and vegetable oil.

4. Have a greener Halloween party. Send electronic invitations instead of paper to lower waste and go for compostable silverware and plates instead of using plastic plates, cups and utensils.

5. Eco-friendly Halloween cleanup. Once Halloween is over, recycle your pumpkins, the straw you used to build scarecrows and any other organic material by composting it or disposing of it in your green bin.

6. Save your decorations. Re-using the same decorations each year saves your money and also time from going out and buying new ones.


Comments on: "TipsTuesday: How to have a green Halloween" (2)

  1. Sandra said:

    Last year I was a fortune teller and just wore clothes I had kicking around the house! Anyone have any ideas for this year? I’m thinking some sort of adventurer — then I get to wear binoculars =)

    • that’s what i did this year too!
      it’s so easy to find a costume to create as everyone owns so many clothes & stuff

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